OXI-MAX Tablet

Category : Extended Release Oxygen Tablet.

Ingredients: Oxi-Max Tabet Contains: Proven Combination of Oxygen Releasing Molecules.

Advantages :

  • Release Oxygen Upto 8 Hours Depending upon Oxygen Level of Pond.
  • Supportive in Detoxifying Harmful Gases.Reduce Moulting Stress in Shrimp.
  • Improves Survival Rate & Feed Conversion Ratio.
  • Works at Bottom of Pond & ReleaseOptimum Oxygen.

Usage : Low Oxygen Level: 1000 Gm/Hectare.
Acute Oxygen Level: 1500 Gm/Hectare.

Packaging : 1kg HDPE Jar/Aluminum Foil Pouch.

Category: Product ID: 1043