Our Aqua Products aim to optimize production with the management of microbial communities within the gut & its aquatic environment. We offer profitable and sustainable solutions to overcome new challenges in the area of pond water quality management and animal health. We have a wide range portfolio of balanced and scientifically formulated products to meet the nutritional requirements of all types of fish and shrimps.


Our Cattle Products are targeted to improve the health of the animal, increase profitability for farmers and provide superior quality by-products to consumers. Our portfolio comprises of a wide range of offerings to enhance milk production, increase nutrition value and improve the reproductive health of the cattle. We have products with specific applications starting from stabilizing immunity in calves to defending the negative effects of toxins in adults.


Our Poultry Products include Broiler feed to help in weight gain & faster growth and Layer feed to help in meeting the nutritional needs of birds at each life-stage. We expertise in manufacturing niche & specialized products including Amino Acids, Vitamins, Micro & Macro Minerals, Essential Oils and Probiotics. We take pride in using finest quality ingredients which improve the feed conversion ratio & optimises the egg production of the flock.